What We Do

Archisan is a home and lifestyle design house. We create our own unique products and provide bespoke design services for interiors.
We give inspiration, advice and ideas to create your ideal space.

What We Believe

At Archisan we believe in an artisan approach to everything we do. Thats why everything we sell is designed and made either by our in house design team, or by trustworthy sources that hold good values too.

We love to keep up with the latest trends and have a keen eye for design and technology. We use a combination of digital and traditional craft to create our carefully considered collections, and we are excited about making an impact in the world of interiors.

Meet the Team

Natalie’s love for stationery is not to scale...

Natalie is an artist and designer who works across a range of disciplines in the creative and technology industry. She is a University of Newcastle graduate with a background in architecture, and is currently on the British Institute of Interior Design’s Pathways programme, working towards professional accreditation. She specialises in the crossover of technology and art, with particular attention to surface, product and interior design. She is interested in the way people utilise the space they live in; helping make the most of a living space with her architectural experience, enabling expression of personality whilst keeping things functional.
Corisse dances circles around all of us...

Corisse is a passionate creative, her interests and skills span across a broad range of disciplines within the creative industry. She is a Middlesex University graduate where she gained a degree in Dance Performance and is currently training to teach in Post-Compulsory Education. Aside from her passion for dance, she likes to express her creativity through the means of graphic design and fine art. As a designer she specialises in digital drawing techniques and photographic manipulation to create unique visual textures.
Daniel.talks(“in code”);...

Daniel is a programmer specialising in eCommerce. He is a graduate in Computer Forensics which means he is always digging for the latest technological advancements. At Archisan’s core is the intersection between design and technology and Daniel works closely with the design team to keep us at the very forefront of technological innovation. He is responsible not only for our beautiful website, but also for the automation of all of our workflows which means our business can run as efficiently and as streamlined as possible.
Andy keeps us in cheque...

Andy comes from the world of project management, so structure and organisation floats his boat. His role as Operations means he keeps the team in check and makes sure we are keeping to tight deadlines whilst never compromising the design. He works closely with our wonderful supply chain in order to ensure everything runs smoothly at every possible stage of a project, from initial consultation through to delivery and completion. His years of experience in the construction industry contribute to the cool runnings of Archisan.